SSC Tier - II [10 English + 10 Maths]

Full Length Mock Test/Validity- 28 Feb 2018

Mother’s Education Hub is proud to announce that we have launched yet another constructive package for our SSC aspirants. Our new package consists of 20 Tests for SSC CGL TIER II  which covers every topic of the SSC exams. This TEST SERIES is a complete PACKAGE of SSC CGL TIER  II  2017 (A Complete Kit) in which you will find every type of question that can meet your expectations in Tier II exam. This package is designed so that you don’t have to waste your precious time in collecting the materials for the preparation as we are providing everything you need for this purpose in your one trusted place Mothers_Education_Hub. These Papers are designed meticulously by the most prominent individuals in the government sector and promise to provide you with an escapade that will broaden your horizons. We should never be confined by the limits of our brains and these Test_Papers which are thoroughly revised and covering every Topic of the SSC CGL TIER II exam (MATHS & ENGLISH) promise to transcend your limits. Our test series which is based on the latest pattern is second to none and the recent results of the aspirants speak volumes about the quality and credibility of it. *SALIENT FEATURES OF THE TEST SERIES – 1. BASED ON LATEST PATTERN 2. BI-LINGUAL (BOTH ENGLISH AND HINDI) 3. Detailed exam analysis for every test including Score Card, Graphical analysis of the accuracy by difficulty level, Question - wise analysis and detailed solutions. 4. PROPER AND DETAILED SOLUTIONS 5. CAN BE ACCESSED 24 X 7 6. Access to all cutoffs, sectional cutoffs, solutions to questions This program is designed for the upcoming SSC CGL TIER II 2017 (New pattern) entrance exam. Practice these tests and walk the path to success.
SSC Tier - II [10 English + 10 Maths] TESTS DETAILS
S. No. Test Name Release Date Release Day Detailed Solution
1 SSC-Tier-II_MATHS_Test_170501 27-Aug-17  Sunday Available
2 SSC-Tier-II_ENGLISH_Test_170502 27-Aug-17  Sunday Available
3 SSC-Tier-II_MATHS_Test_170503 30-Aug-17 Wednesday Available
4 SSC-Tier-II_ENGLISH_Test_170504 31-Aug-17 Thursday Available
5 SSC-Tier-II_MATHS_Test_170505 3-Sep-17 Sunday Available
6 SSC-Tier-II_ENGLISH_Test_170506 3-Sep-17 Sunday Available
7 SSC-Tier-II_MATHS_Test_170507 6-Sep-17 Wednesday Available
8 SSC-Tier-II_ENGLISH_Test_170508 7-Sep-17 Thursday Available
9 SSC-Tier-II_MATHS_Test_170509 10-Sep-17 Sunday Available
10 SSC-Tier-II_ENGLISH_Test_170510 10-Sep-17 Sunday Available
11 SSC-Tier-II_MATHS_Test_170511 13-Sep-17 Wednesday Available
12 SSC-Tier-II_ENGLISH_Test_170512 14-Sep-17 Thursday Available
13 SSC-Tier-II_MATHS_Test_170513 17-Sep-17 Sunday Available
14 SSC-Tier-II_ENGLISH_Test_170514 17-Sep-17 Sunday Available
15 SSC-Tier-II_MATHS_Test_170515 20-Sep-17 Wednesday Available
16 SSC-Tier-II_ENGLISH_Test_170516 21-Sep-17 Thursday Available
17 SSC-Tier-II_MATHS_Test_170517 24-Sep-17 Sunday Available
18 SSC-Tier-II_ENGLISH_Test_170518 24-Sep-17 Sunday Available
19 SSC-Tier-II_MATHS_Test_170519 27-Sep-17 Wednesday Available
20 SSC-Tier-II_ENGLISH_Test_170520 28-Sep-17 Thursday Available
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