SSC CHSL Test 1-25 [New Pattern]

25 Full Length Mock Tests / Validity - 1 Year From Purchase Date

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New online mock tests updated as per the new patter, with a validity of 6 months, the program is designed for the upcoming SSC CHSL Test 1-25 [New Pattern] entrance exam. Practice these tests and walk the path to success.


25 full length tests to ensure the much-needed practice to relevant question types and topic areas

Detailed exam analysis for every test including Score Card, Graphical analysis of the accuracy by difficulty level, Question – wise analysis and detailed solutions

Access to all cutoffs, sectional cutoffs, solutions to questions

SSC CHSL Test 1-25 [New Pattern] 25 MOCK TESTS DETAILS
S. No. Mock Test
1 SSC_CHSL_Paper_1
2 SSC_CHSL_Paper_2
3 SSC_CHSL_Paper_3
4 SSC_CHSL_Paper_4
5 SSC_CHSL_Paper_5
6 SSC_CHSL_Paper_6
7 SSC_CHSL_Paper_7
8 SSC_CHSL_Paper_8
9 SSC_CHSL_Paper_9
10 SSC_CHSL_Paper_10
11 SSC_CHSL_Paper_11
12 SSC_CHSL_Paper_12
13 SSC_CHSL_Paper_13
14 SSC_CHSL_Paper_14
15 SSC_CHSL_Paper_15
16 SSC_CHSL_Paper_16
17 SSC_CHSL_Paper_17
18 SSC_CHSL_Paper_18
19 SSC_CHSL_Paper_19
20 SSC_CHSL_Paper_20
21 SSC_CHSL_Paper_21
22 SSC_CHSL_Paper_22
23 SSC_CHSL_Paper_23
24 SSC_CHSL_Paper_24
25 SSC_CHSL_Paper_25